Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My thumb is going green. Maybe. I shouldn't get to lippy, might jinx my garden luck. A novice and ill educated gardener, I planted winter and summer plants. I haphazardly water and weed and it's a miracle the plants are still alive much less thriving! When I began my garden I didn't plan very well and I also didn't study cultivation or harvesting methods. Who knew these things could be some complicated! Believe it or not,my peppers are almost ready and I believe my spinach is edible. Some creature has already begun to take advantage. Tomatoes on the vine! I'm a pepper! Japs for everyone!

I can't wait to clip my fruits and devour. I just hope they are ready before it's time for me to depart my Norman residence. My house,my garden, my earth will have one last hurrah! I'll take advantage of it and it will smile back with a tear in it's eye! Many sacrifices and bumps lie ahead but eventually I'll have larger fruit and I can appreciate it because of the effort. Full circle.

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