Monday, June 7, 2010

100% Success

It's here! The big day. Last week was busy but I wasn't to worried about the party. It wasn't until Saturday (the day of) that I started to panic. We had to pick up a pig, last minute groceries, prepare for a tractor pull, setup horse shoes, prepare the food, set the tables and tidy up. Will we have enough beer? Will we have enough ice? Is the pig thawed? How long do we need to cook it? These were all pressing matters. Needless to say, they are important when you live 20 miles from the nearest box store and you have 30 people on their way. Even amongst all the stress of hosting, I had a swell time. A few cups of Sangria and I was a social butterfly. The pig was delicious and we had more than enough to drink. What a great turn out- worth all the work. My parents enjoyed getting to see family and old friends. After the sun descended it was a beautiful evening. It was all I'd hoped for-they deserve it. We're talking about two people, 50 years, 28 years of marriage and lots of hard work and love. Three cheers! I did find time to build/paint a sign. Getting his roast on! I wish you could have seen us wrestle that beast onto that spit. It was a family affair. Speaking of the spit or rotisserie, my dad led the crew over at DZ in construction. I have to send some praise to my dad, Andy, and Cole for busting that thing out in a week (not that they didn't have six months but those Zorns work best under pressure). Impressive.Nearly edible. The skin turned the most beautiful caramel color. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth in. It also smelled sensational, the whole production was amazing. I did work in some food bowls. They were rushed and impulsive, but effective none-the-less. I do plan on elaborating on this concept very soon. The spread in its beginning stages. People had already began to gather-plate in hand. There's what we're missing, the corn! "Come on lil lady." My parents accounted for lots of folks and little cooking space. A propane boiler, who'd a thunk?

The 50-50 frontier was fantastic-beyond my wildest dreams. Some Oklahoma weather, cold beer, country cookin' and extraordinary company. I also setup a sideshow of my parents from childhood-present. I spent days gathering photos and scanning them. 186 photos later, we all gathered on the porch after sunset and laughed at times past between Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Zorn. The following day,June 6, my parents woke up to 28 years of marriage. It was a packed weekend, full of fun and marvelous memories. I wish we could do it every weekend. Everything in moderation=appreciation. Here's to 100 years, and counting!

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