Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Super Green

As many of you may know, I've become quite the food enthusiast (I use the word 'food' broadly- It encompasses libations and typically, anything consumable). It all began in 2010. I kicked off the new decade with a trip to San Francisco where my appreciation and obsession with food was conceived. My cousins (who graciously put me up for ten days) are incredible cooks. They get together and make exciting dishes each night. It's like a party, and the results are extraordinary. Better than anything you could pick up ready made.

I was completely inspired. Food is art. Prepping and planning takes patience. My cousins managed to turn a chore (for most) into a social event. The woman wasn't slaving in the kitchen while the man propped his feet up. No, no, it was a family occasion. It's things like this that support their 13 years of marriage (and counting). Aside from being impressed by their mad cooking moves, I decided my partner must love cooking/food just as much as they love art.

Food is so exciting-the possibilities are endless and I want to chase them all! With the 50-50 Frontier Party in clear site, I've been thinking about food presentation. Again, just another aspect of the creativity involved in the culinary arts. Food bowls. Not a new concept but practical and aesthetically pleasing. And, it's green. It's either edible or compostable, no land fills! I'm also trying to cut back on simple carbs so substituting complex carbs for a tortilla or buns is another bonus. Again, win-win. And, we can't forget dessert!

Proportions are also interesting. Just think about the size, texture, smell, etc. Such variety in food containers. I plan on having a watermelon bowl packed full of summertime fruit for the party but I may branch out. Time permitting, you may see some food sculpture! If not this weekend, later this June! I'm going to reinvent the typical, plastic picnic plate this summer!

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