Sunday, June 13, 2010


Cole's birthday was a hit. I whipped up this sketch of his hot rod. It was a real fiesta. Four different types of tortillas, two meats, and piles of summer veggies. Mom even made homemade black bean salsa. The family enjoyed it so much they suggested she can it and sell it! And, she claims she can't cook, Pfft. (ps. Sorry for the blur-not everyone knows the way of no-flash photography.)

Later that afternoon, I two cycled over the coffee shop. I have been deprived of coffee for sometime (mostly due to lack of trying) which is probably the culprit from my lack of productivity. I ordered an iced coffee and had a seat outside in the sun. Since I came by bike, I didn't have a sketchbook. I did find some crumbpled notebook paper at the bottom of my pannier. When the paper is in bad shape, there's no pressure. Nothing like diving head first. Yesterday an incredible opportunity arose. As if I need yet another life altering decision to ponder? Well, it came, and we will see what becomes. After I read the news, I knew coffee was in order. What a relief. I purged my feelings and strife onto that shitty piece of paper as I sipped that cool, woodsy, cup. After a few hours of sitting still and relaxed, I hopped on my bike and ended up in my studio. I was up sewing until 1am (What happened to celebratory drinking? Well, ask my little bro-23 going on 80) it was good measure for my abnormal, busy body.

I've also been hitting repeat on this tune:

Can truth and advice be lurking in that dirty, ol' Hosty Trio?

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