Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, maybe not (I don't like absolutes) but one thing is sure, most people like free. Free chocolate! It draws masses. I witnessed the phenomenon that is 'free chocolate' last Friday. The Sam Noble Museum of History was celebrating their 10th year of operation and they kicked it off with mounds of chocolate and a new chocolate exhibit. Being an avid follower of gourmet foods and frugality, I was there! The bison was in high spirits, even though he felt like a fool in that ridiculous hat! He welcomed the attention. Ten years of celebrating years past. When/IF I commit to anything for ten years, I expect a chocolate fountain to commemorate my efforts. The Mammoth wasn't as embarrassed about his hat. He was enamored by the balloons.
Doing the director good! He would have been proud. The lines were endless. I was speechless when I saw the crowds. What a party! The best way to purchases publicity is through hungry mouths. Free sweets is where it's at!

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