Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paseo and More

Last weekend marked the 34th Annual Paseo Arts Festival. I attended Sunday, it was nearly sweltering but I didn't mutter a word of complaint. I'm a sun whore. I soak it up, squinting and sweaty. It doesn't even have to be anything to enticing. You could call me up to help you move bricks and I'd oblige just for the opportunity in the sun.

Needless to say, art, music, festival, I'm there. This was by far, the most unimpressive art festival I've been to this year. While I like the Paseo, I just didn't feel the quality was there. I'm not really into red tape and super high standards but I don't like seeing cheap, china made crap being pedaled as 'art.' The inclusion of such garbage just degrades any credibility that the festival may have had. I've been in the passed and remember being quite pleased (even purchased goods) with the festival. Hopefully this year was just a fluke. I'm waiting. . . looking forward to the future artist of the Paseo. I have high expectations. It's such a rich and eclectic district, I'd hate to see it take a landslide. Beautiful day for popcycles and art.Even if the objects at the festival were sub-par, the crowd was entertaining and I was graced with invaluable company. We could make Gitmo fun! I rounded out the weekend at the Deli. I'll fess up, here and only here, I'm a bar fly. It's official. Hosty wins my heart. "But wait! Tomorrow is the real deal, Memorial day? I'm closing this joint down!" It was a packed house, a line out the door. Max capacity Memorial Day 2010! A knee slappin'- boot scootin' hootenanny! I thought having Monday free I'd relax, and recover from my shake. Nope, I washed two cars, waxed one and made a pinata. Hosty, take that! I'll be ready next Sunday! Are you sold? Hope so. That's all I've got, party prep has commenced! T-4 days.

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