Friday, June 18, 2010

Dump the Pump

Last night, CART (Norman's bus system) celebrated their 30th birthday. To celebrate they had a party at Andrew Park. Hosty Duo, Cake and free sno cones. It was quite bash. Makes me a little uneasy to pull out of Norman. On the bright side, she'll always be here, maybe a bit changed but, but Norman to the core, always welcoming with a smile. I wasn't the best sport-I didn't ride the bus to the party but I did 'Dump the pump' and pedal over. I wasn't alone. The bikes multiplied as the evening progressed. Our very own mayor, Cindy Rosenthal, was spotted serving up some birthday cake. The Hosty Duo sung Happy Birthday to CART and proceeded to play a full set. This was my second time to catch the Duo. It's nice to see Hosty with a drummer, his guitar skills really shine. When he plays solo he just doesn't have enough appendages to play everything perfectly. Throw in an extra man and you can definitely hear those careful guitar solos. I'm not sure if the solos are worth sacrificing for the Deli atmosphere.

I'll have my cake and eat it and then ask for coffee, that's just how I roll. Happy Birthday to CART, keep up the good work. Ride the bus!

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