Wednesday, June 23, 2010

German Grub

Last night I flew out of work, motivated and feeling domestic. I started by mowing my yard. It was the peak of heat but I didn't have a choice. If not yesterday then next week-not an option. After completing that task, I hopped in the shower, and proceeded to cut the rug in the kitchen.

My aim? Enlightened Basil Spaetzel. Her product was much prettier. I chopped the spinach and basil by hand but looking back, I should have just used the food processor. I also used a 60/40 mix of all purpose and whole wheat (respectively). This is by far the most difficult recipe I have ever conquered. In the recipe, she notes you push the dough through the grater 'with ease.' Ease? I don't consider it ease unless you pair it with dis (dis-ease). I will NEVER attempt this recipe again. Not for lack of flavor, or texture- it's all perfectly delicious. We're restaurant quality! But, boiling water, a spatula and persnickety dough through 1/4" holes in the middle of Oklahoma summer-What was I thinking?

Some seat, a huge mess and two hours later, I enjoyed a heaping helping. I was impressed by my feat. Pat on the back, because this is the last time you'll enjoy a bowl of Bill's spaetzel again.

When I was in SF earlier this year, I was lovestruck by the spaetzel at Suppenkuche. It was my first encounter and I was sold. Perfectly shaped with just the right balance between soft/firm. The flavor was mild but the consistency unforgettable. Mine came close to standing up but not quite there, I'm betting it was also the atmosphere. It doesn't get much better than Hayes Valley, perhaps that's the extra kick it needed? HA!

I plan on eating that spaetzel for the rest of the week, savoring every bite. While I'm grateful that Norman has such an array of great restaurants, it's void of a German restaurant. Maybe I should reconsider my career goals? My first run with spaetzel wasn't to bad, was it? The look upon those happy costumers maybe well worth the effort? I ramble. I look forward to my move to Tulsa at which time I'll hit up Siegi's. I've read favorable things about it, I have high expectations but on the bright side, it's better than nothing.

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