Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking Back

Before I start running, I have to boast a little more about my garden. Today I plucked a ripe, juicy tomato from a vine I have nourished. I know everyone always claims that home grown tomatoes are worlds above store bought but I sloughed it off until today. WOW! I bit into it and devoured it as eve massacred human kind. After a long and sweaty bike ride, it was a breath of fresh air. Many more to come, the plant is wild!

Today I checked out early and had some errands to run. I biked over and around town and picked up a new book. I parked myself on the back yard and relaxed a little with Zola. It's been a slow evening. While I was on my bike I was thinking about my adoration of the wind on my face and the blue skies above. I love the tingle in my legs and the occasional car speeding around me. It's invigorating. It wasn't until this afternoon, when I felt the force of a overbearing car pushing it's boundaries as I pedaled, that I realized I have no rear view. I couldn't look back. I'm blind. I immediately indexed that ol' Eric Clapton ditty, "Running on Faith."I ride on faith-Faith that I won't be smacked by that bad driver. Faith that I won't end up in a sudden t-storm and faith that I will admire all that's ahead because once I've ridden passed, I can't look back. I find myself swooning over what has passed. I suppose that's part of my bikes appeal. Not only am I right there, part of the asphalt, the weeds, the wind, I am focused only on what lies ahead. In a way, it's worlds away from 'my element.' Today has been a strange day. A day of contemplation and reflection. I needed a little purge of the heart. Thanks for reading. My ride was a meditative experience of sorts.


  1. I wish we owned our house so i could put a garden in and pretty flowers.

  2. I'm sure you could plant one in your rent house but the bad thing is, you can't take it with you! But, it may brighten the lives of the next renters.

    Are you guys house hunting?