Monday, June 28, 2010

Jazz in June

Let's not forget free music. I can't believe I let Jazz in June slip through the blog circuit. Don't worry, I was there for blues night, I just forgot to post. As usual, it was a scorcher out on that black top. I must say, Guy Forsyth made it worth the burn. I've become quite the blues hound and this band really struck my fancy. They play such a variety of music all worth of some booty shakin'. This was JD Thompson and the Big Bad Wolves. They were decent but I was a little distracted by the heat. Hopefully they'll roll back through in a cooler venue.Picnic in the park(ing lot). My brother and his friends came to hear the tunes. They also distracted me by enticing me to hit up one of the local restaurants within the festival for refreshments. Finally, sundown! Time for tubas! Along with their interesting sounds they also inventive with their instruments-Here Guy plays a saw blade as he belts a note. It was like nothing I've seen on stage. It was a beautiful evening despite heat resonating from the asphalt. It cooled off enough and the juke was jammin' hard enough that a large group of dancers appeared by the stage. As the night progressed it grew and grew. I even convinced Mr. Hill to accompany me for a couple. We had a blast! I can't believe he obliged but I'm glad he did. It was the cherry of the virgin! Jazz in June 2010- the most memorable yet!

ps. All photos credit, Doug Hill.


  1. That looks seriously hot! I went on Saturday evening when it was at Rogers Park...or is Andrews Park...I forgot, I just moved here. I wrote a post on it too, how could you not, free music is always fun.

  2. It was insanely warm! I wish they'd move it off the black top. Saturday they wound it up at Andrews.

    I usually just go to blues night on Thursday. If you like live music, check out The Deli and O'Thellos (if you haven't yet)! See ya 'round!

  3. Oh nice tips, I keep hearing about O'Thellos! Thank ya!!