Friday, June 11, 2010


Studio time! It's few and far between but it does exist on occasion. My studio is a mess. I'm in the midst of packing 'er up and I also have an extended guests that is halfway living out of it. Things are changing rapidly but my drawings always manage to carry those lively contours and heavy symbolism. Take from them what you will but watch out for vanity. He's a sneaky bastard.It's all about experiences and relationships. It's stories like this that run deep through generations.

I feel like my work has room to grow technically. I'm stuck in a rut. Watercolors are safe, easy and propose little challenge. My recent work are merely sketches, not finished pieces. Doodles to keep my mind savvy while I bite my time. It itches. Lots of anxiety and excitement at the thought of being thrown into a actual print studio! I plan on having a non garage sale-sale, I have to condense, decompress. I'll keep you posted. Save your cash!

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