Friday, June 11, 2010

Brave Combo

Last night I caught the Brave Combo at The Deli. I was advised to catch the show by a music expert. He assured me the unusually high cover would be well worth it. Brave Combo has won a grammy for 'Best Polka Band.' If this makes you giggle, it should. But, upon hearing that first note, the laughing ceased. They are hip cats. I had listened to their stuff on Myspace and wasn't thoroughly impressed but like many [good] bands, they are better live.

I think people usually feel the opposite. They enjoy the CD and are disappointed by the live version. I judge a musicians success by their ability to exceed their studio recording. A good example (and one of mainstream variety) is Jason Mraz. His studio work does him absolutely no justice. His live performance is out of this world. His yoddles, improvised beats and lyrics are unheard on his CD's-a cryin' shame. I guess this just exhibits the evil that is corporate marketing. The man needs to be let go, he's a caged beast! Brave Combo is the same. The atmosphere, the dancers, the lively horns and ad-libbed harmonies are only available live. They played a mixture of polka, samba, blues, jazz-practically anything that promoted shakin' a tail feather (or two). One thing I love about the Deli is there generational diversity. Old, young, dirty, yuppie, we all come together. To drink, dance, and cause a ruckus. It's a skanky little hole in the wall but the only thing I'd change is the smoking-not for me!

If the Brave Combo rolls through your area code I highly recommend making an appearance. Take a dance partner or follow my lead-go alone and change it up! I had several opportunities but I scoped the field, made the decision and had the time of my life! It was classic. Next time your in grab me, I'm always up for a little twist!

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