Monday, June 28, 2010

Easy Livin'

I hold true to my Oklahoma roots. I adore the country. Green grass, blue skies, stars, and wild blackberries. It's taken me nearly 23 years to grow comfortable with living in a red state but regardless of the backwards politics that tarnish our state, it's got a lot to offer. Saturday evening, my aunt, Linda, was throwing a wedding shower/kitchen reveal party at her home in Wellston, Oklahoma. Wellston is off the beaten path but their homestead is gorgeous. Their cozy hacienda out on 100+ acres. Porch swings and pooches! A pool and a pond! The Grand kitchen remodel. It's lavish. The doors and drawers retract without a sound. They have deep cabinets and lazy susans for organization. Just look at the backsplash! Beautiful, shimmering, glass tile. Everyone was impressed and wanted to hang out as the cook tried to finish up the details of the spread. Finally, the dinner bell rang and everyone gathered to stuff their faces. It all felt like a time warp. After they tolled the bell, I caught the guinea attempting to grab a bite. As you may know, I'm a sucker for heavy machinery. This green giant was the first thing in site when we arrived at the fiesta.

It was a great evening I wish I could have the best of both worlds. I love being out in the open, solitary and simple but I also love being able to hop on my bike and pick up groceries or ride over to the summer breeze concert series in a matter of minutes. The grass is always greener out there, and that means more mowing! As of now, I'm a city gal with an occasional rendezvous with the countryside-keeps me sane.

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