Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last Saturday was the opening for Fiberworks 2010. A juried show, full of innovative and inspiring textile pieces. The show was held in OKC at the IAO Gallery. This show was by far, my favorite of 2010. It's just my cup of tea-art and craft spun and woven to create pure gold. The show was diverse and with a steady balance between traditional and contemporary. There were classic textile techniques, such as weaving and needlework, infused with modern elements. One minute you may be looking a beautifully wove shawl, using the most luxurious of threads and the tightest weave and when you turn the next corner, a felted zombie puppet! It was a beautiful dynamic. The curator did a great job of threading the show together. While I was overwhelmed and impressed with the show I do have some favorites to share. "Cupcake Renaissance" by Bob Curtis of OKC. I'm sure it's obvious what my triggered my initial attraction? This piece was beautiful. The contrast of colors, texture and materials was brilliantly combined. While most of the work was dominated by women there were a few pieces created by men. This one was tip top. "Betty Told Me It Would All Be OK" by Marilyn Artus. Marilyn is the founder of the OKC division of Dr. Sketchy's. Marilyn's pieces involve pop imagery paired with handmade/craft elements such as embroidery. Her work is laden with layers and often centers around gender roles and religion. I have to say, Marilyn is currently my favorite artist and her work often serves a source of inspiration. "The Waltz of Spring" by Huiju Park of Stillwater. This piece was placed adjacent to Marilyn's and I thought the works quite similar. I was drawn to both for obvious reasons. Bold graphics, bright colors and mixed media. Hard edge imagery and art techniques integrated with trims, beads and thread, I can't get enough. The show was full of extraordinary work exhibiting the ingenuity required to successfully meld art and craft. I felt warm inside. I can't wait for my next venture! I'm jumping back into the creative world, one way or another...here I come!

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  1. Oh yay, I bet that was a great show. Did you see Julia's new piece?