Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

I celebrated Memorial Day last Saturday. My grandparents were out at their acreage so I towed out Saturday, had a bite and lazed in the sun. Aside from memorializing legends, we also praised my grandpa's latest addition- A huge pond. I conducted a rain dance in hopes that I can have a paddle boat in it by next summer. It has potential to be 20' deep and span the width of a football field. Zorn Lake. Photos do no justice-lack depth. You will just have to place faith in my measurements. We had a good time. Sparks OK. Why did the chicken cross the road...? Why ? To travel Route 66, of course!

Afterward, I hit the turnpike and headed up to Guthrie for a wedding. It was the wedding of all weddings! The wedding took place at The Sand Plum. It was beautiful. I felt like I had been thrown back in time, splendid and surreal. Being my first stop in Guthrie, I've decided another trip to Guthrie is in order. I gifted these chair sashes for the bride and groom: I thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and reception, it was completely genuine and romantic. It was the first wedding I've attended where I've felt strongly about the longevity of the relationship. You could just feel their glow! Congrats to Kate and Kris! Wishing you countless, happy years!

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