Friday, February 5, 2010

Art or The Gutter?

First off, I hope these make you laugh. I finally finished them last night. I spent endless hours studying the different stitches and working out color schemes. I bound them with a velvet ribbon so they are very textural and tactile. These pieces are so silly. My work usually lacks humor but these are unquestionably whimsical. Since I didn't use embroidery fabric the patterns/stitches aren't exactly straight or even but when I consider their setting they wouldn't be still for even a moment. Kinetic blankets and flailing legs and toes! I look at this and just hear that cheesy, porn music. It starts to get a but naughty. It's also interesting how this one resembles the shape of a chalice. In the end, she wins, of course. Womyn's lib! Ha! The boots represent her power. Time to party, it's Friday!

Ps. I never leave my boots under the bed.

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