Monday, February 15, 2010

Tulsa Saturdays

Saturday, Tulsa, What's new? Actually, lots! We hit some new spots, mapped out future terrain, I can't believe there's still more to see. That's what happens when you develop a routine, you castaway precious gems. We unearthed some new ones this last trip. We rolled in, grabbed some coffee and cast off for the uncharted. First stop, Utica Square. I wouldn't really consider this a 'gem' but it did have a fantastic yarn store, which was the initial draw. It was fun running around dreaming of waking up a yuppie and jogging to Utica Square. Maybe someday, time is tickin'. 1978, a good year.

Mid afternoon we were ready to eat. We finally made it to Elote. We've attempted to try this place on several Tulsa occasions but they don't open for lunch so we've missed out. This time, their doors were open and it was well worth the wait! The facade says it all: Character and charm, great staff and good eats.

While we were downtown we decided to hit some galleries. T wanted to see the 'Modern Materials' show at the Living Arts Gallery. I caught this show in OKC at Untitled (ArtSpace) but I was happy to see it in a new arena. I felt it was much nicer at LA. You Tulsans are pretty spoiled with this gallery. It's an amazing space.

We hit a few other dinky galleries downtown, an overdose of great art. My heart grows a little every time we go to Tulsa.

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