Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday's Free

Last weekend was packed full. Full of running around, meetings and projects. In all fairness, it's self inflicted, I can't complain. Last Friday I met my aunt, Jenni, and my cousin, Jay, to discuss a birthday piece for my cousin, Katy. Her birthday is February 27, she'll be the big 2-5, and Jenni requested I do a piece for her dining room. We met over at her condo in OKC to scope the space and search for some inspiration. There were no sparks but we did grab a bite and discussed the complications of life. It lifted some weight, made room to relax for the weekend. Two sisters and a daughter. The 'other daughter' was off skiing in Winter Park, shameful! Me and Jay! We may be roommates in several months (still waiting on those schools). Later that evening it was back to Norman. T and I layered up and headed out for Norman's monthly 'art walk.' We were quite successful. We hit: the faculty show at the Lightwell Gallery, Firehouse Art, Mainsite, and the opeining at the Gray Owl. The work at the Mainsite was grand AND they had cupcakes! "Death is Wack," Cupcakes make it all o.k. We caught a straggler while we were on our tour (Sarah, seen huffing the yellow cupcake).

The Gray Owl was the last stop. The opening began at 9pm. It was packed and they were pulling shots like madmen. I didn't late and to little care. They even had live music, it was happening, full of hipsters and delightful smells, sites, sensory overload! I can't believe we made it to all the openings, we usually falter but we were on our game. A fantastic way to start the weekend!

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