Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Last night I spent most the night in my studio. Once I'm in, it's all consuming. The big piece is coming along but there is a lot of drying time and tough decisions. Proof that no matter how much you plan you can't control all the variables. The mystery and puzzles that arise are the best part, as long as you are able to fit the pieces together without everything falling apart, of course. While I was waiting/debating I tried to keep busy. It's similar to running a marathon, keeping up the pace is important, even during recoveries. Enough analogies, here are the bits and pieces: Coffee cups a-tumble. Fun with dying paint markers. This wasn't done last night but it's a work in progress. I dug it out of my undergrad portfolio and I liked it so well I hung in my studio. It's about 18x24." My roommate suggested I re-purpose for an upcoming, theme show. Brilliant!

These two zygotes may soon be masterpieces. I apologize for posting so many unfinished products. I'm quite busy with several projects and I figure you'd rather see something than nothing. It also helps keep me motivated to finish each and every one since I've made a promise to reveal the complete piece. So, selfish and selfless at the same time? I give you take, you read, I take. It may be my most successful relationship yet!

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