Thursday, February 4, 2010


One of my dear friends, Barb, has a birthday fast approaching. Her and her husband,Doug, are art collectors and I feel like I've already overdone that avenue. Barb is also an extremely talented artist/crafter so the pressure is always on when attempting to create something for her. That's not to say she's judgmental or even has high expectations, it's just that she so darling you want to give her your all.

One thing she adores are these cocoa roasted almonds that you can buy in bulk at Sam's Club. Since Barb doesn't have a membership she is always hitting me up about snagging her some. For Christmas I picked some up and made a new label for them. Remember? A couple of weeks ago she hit me up about more. Perfect timing! Her B-day is February 28. Today I made a new label using Photoshop. I ran with Tim Gunn and some of his famous words. It reads, "Your addiction to crack, this concerns me." She refers to the almonds as 'crack' because once you've started munching, they're hard to put down. We also have a get together once a week to watch Project Runway so it's thoughtful and personalized without having to be hung on the wall. Hopefully she'll like it. At least, she love the almonds. Now, I just need to find her an iPod. Any offers?


  1. THIS IS INSANELY AWESOME!!!!! Barb is going to LOVE it!!

  2. I freakin love this. I want this for myself. I want this on my walls. And I don't even have an addiction to crack, but I don't care! You could make Tim Gunn saying lots of funny things, though.