Wednesday, February 3, 2010

News Flash

Time to get loud!

The Gray Owl
is finally hanging new art work! They've been open since last November and every time I pop in I hope to see new work. It is long overdue, so get excited. Next Friday, they will host an opening honoring the new art/artist. One of the featured artist,Curtis Jones, is really making headway throughout Oklahoma. He made the cover of OVAC's 'Art Focus' this month and The Norman Transcript also did a brief article about his work in the OU Faculty Show . Keep an eye on him. He was my printmaking professor throughout my undergrad degree. A mentor and artist extraordinaire! Who'd-a-thunk a native Californian would be so loved here in Okieville? In addition to a prolific body of work, I owe him many thanks for that letter of recommendation, it really paid off.

Also, a couple of my fellow colleagues from art school are featured- stop by, mingle, spread some props, February 12!

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