Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Work

Through all the get togethers and weekend festivities, I did manage to tie up a few loose ends. My sketch turned into a finish piece. I had originally intended to use this five minute, rough draft as a basis for something greater but the more I reflected upon it, the more I decided it was worthy of the frame. I doused it with some coffee, added some embroidery floss to the frame and wrapped it all in clear vinyl. It is packed with subtle layers. It's "Alice in Wonderland." ArtBeat is hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed party/show and I plan on submitting this piece. It was a piece I did for part of a drawing class during my undergrad and I added Alice last weekend. It is quite atypical of my work and it's been hard to agree with. The more I look at it the more it grows on me but I'm not sure it's 'show quality.' We'll see. Feels good to finish what I started, always some work mixed with play.


  1. I myself have had an Alice in Wonderland obsession lately. I have drafted a few pieces over the past couple of months in honor of the ever so awe inspiring flick!!
    ♥ you!!

  2. Can't wait to see 'em. I expect nothing less than greatness from you! Love you too!