Monday, February 1, 2010

Nature's Wrath

Last Thursday afternoon, Oklahoma encountered yet another winter storm. I found myself off work early and stocked with provisions. I doubted the forecast but it actually happened. Thursday we saw Ice. Friday, snow, lots. I was snowed in for nearly three days. It wasn't completely brutal. Once I tamed my agitated heart, I was mildly productive. I didn't accomplish much on my list but sometimes I aim far beyond the humanly possible. Friday, I woke up under par and spent most of the day in a Benadryl haze. It was a wasted day. I did manage to complete a set of drawings and start two new projects. I grabbed these single-cup coffee cups from work. I chose the decaf because I thought I would spare someone the pain. I had big plans for these guys. This is what became of the coffee: It smelled deceptively delicious. With no way to properly brew coffee from my house it was a coffee free weekend. Trapped and coffee-less...It's no wonder I was a so lackadaisical. I vow to make up for it this week!

My roommate and I attempted to made the most of our time locked in. We cooked. T made a stew and skillet bread. We baked. Sugar cookies with Oreos. Diabetes at first bite.

Saturday, I managed to clean the entire house. When I say clean, I mean, move furniture, dust/mop, CLEAN. I only disinfect in this manner twice a year. I have a hard time cleaning because I move from room to room placing things back in their proper home and I stumble upon mess after mess which distracts me from the initial area. It's not wise to cross my path when I'm on this mission. One huge distraction was my studio desk. I've been holding on to bits and pieces of reference and inspiration material. I decided that it was high time to pitch it. It's all in the past, 2009. It's now, the second month of 2010, I have to let go! One last look into 2009. It now resides in the recycle bin. It's time to start over!

Overall, the weekend consisted of more relaxing than anything but it's rare so I don't feel too guilty. It's back to work, ridin' the all night train and efficient production. Welcome February!

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