Monday, February 8, 2010


Amongst the merrymaking, I accomplished quite a bit last weekend. As most of you know, I'm trying to lighten my load. It's an ongoing process. I find that more and more, I dont' want to carry much. Just a phone, some cash and keys. Why do I need to lug a big satchel around? In lieu of this question I decided to make a clutch. Since I have mounds of scrap fabric and various hardware I whipped this up Saturday afternoon. It felt good using materials from my studio. There was nothing that was purchased specifically, all found. I made the strap long to keep my options open. Maybe I want to wrap it around my wrist? Or, maybe I want to carry it over-the-shoulder? A holster? I thought this little pocket would give me an idea of what works best for me and I'd go from there. I'm delighted with the way it turned out. I did use it Saturday evening on my second cupcake adventure with my friend, Sarah. Sarah and 'Chocolate Rain' (they're lovers). We were 'Mint-to-be"

Sunday, I jumped back into the studio and did some testing: I've started a large scale piece and since I'm going to invest precious time, money and potentially, blood, I thought I'd do it right. I'm not big on planning or testing but I'm trying to change. I've learned (the hard way) it's better to have clear intentions and a relatively strict plan of execution. Look forward to more on this in a few days.

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