Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This morning I've been perusing images for inspiration and somehow or another, I unearthed this priceless image: Those Germans sure know muscle. The photo sucked me into reading the article from the website. The photo combined with the editorial just made my day. The analogies and subject matter deserve a trophy. Mention of the days of RWD, gas guzzlers, American pride, speed, big cams, posi track,etc, etc- my heart is racing. Pair it with the Black Keys, "Attack and Release" and today is a great morning!

Now, if only I were in the drivers seat with the windows down I'd be ecstatic. Somedays I just have to release that teenage boy that boils inside me. I grew up crafting, making art and loving fabric. Hell, i worked in the most female-centric joint (Hancock Fabrics) in Norman for nearly six years. That same little girl grew up covered with grease, surrounded by big blocks and calendars strewn with half naked creatures that dare call themselves "women." So, as I've grown up (or down) I've tried to hold true to my past but it's so contradictory. Why not combine it? It sure makes for a bloody, interesting battle. Pink and lace with oil and dirt-what you see is what you get.

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