Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Tree

I finished my grandma's Birthday present. I used wallpaper and cardstock for the backgrounds. I tried to pick colors that she likes and colors that fit in with her decor. I prefer neutrals and earth tones but, she is always telling me, 'you're young, you need to wear bright colors while you can pull them off.' Sorry grandma, no cigar. But, I will happily gift these brights to you! I think some of these turned out better than others but overall, I'm satisfied. Painting on glass is no picnic but it is something I would be willing to try again. My great-grandmother, Irene. She passed when I was a senior in high school. Her birthday was two days before mine so we always celebrated together. I was lucky to experience a solid relationship with my great grandma. This is my 'Nana,' my dad's mother. We used to butt heads during my teenage years but since then we've become quite close. I get emails from her once her twice a week and I usually get to see her at least once a month. Her birthday is February 25, she was worth all the effort. My aunt, Whitney, dad's little sister. Me. A scowl, like a mugshot. Whitney's daughter and my cousin, Carmen. Carmen's a good girl. She'll graduate this year from High School and hopefully someday you'll see her on SNL (that's her dream). She's full of life, drama, and talent. I wanted to call these the 'Diamond Blues' because the Diamonds have passed on our signature blue eyes. Little Carmen canceled that idea with her dark, brown eyes. It's good to be different, she's a keeper blue eyes or not!

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