Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Some of you are already aware of the HUGE party I'm throwing this June but I'm going to elaborate (for those interested). I've sent out an announcement requesting recommendations (via FB) for live music but feel free to offer it up here as well. Both my folks are turning 50 this year;Dad-March 30 and Mom-Oct. 27. June 6th is their 28th wedding anniversary which is on a Sunday so I picked June 5th as the mark. I figured it's significant and about halfway between their actual birthdays. This isn't going to be just another birthday, it's going to be THE birthday.

The live music is a secret (don't spill the beans) and I also plan on at least 1 keg-Coors Light (my dad has bad taste but it's b-day). I will also be handling the invitations, theme/decorations and food (basically everything). It's still a ways off but right now, my jumping off point is McLintock. My mom called me last week suggesting a spit roast for the party. She got the idea while watching Mclintock. "Ask and you shall receive," After all, it's your party! I did some research on constructing a spit roast and found it's definitely something I need to start NOW. My mom's aunt, Linda, has a farm in Wellston, Oklahoma so I'm going to be working with her for the slaughter. We plan on roasting a pig. I have had a great response on bands for hire but none seem to fit. My dad is quite picky when it comes to music. Ideally, I'd love to grab Everclear (one of his 'alive' faves) but they're big time. Not to mention, Art, the front-man, is a huge liberal, I'd hate to see him come face to face with my pa. Thankfully, I have time. I know there's someone out there with the right connects. I'm stoked about this deal. Beer, bonfires, meat, music, sleeping bags, and summertime! Can't arrive quick enough. Add a few womyn to these photos and the scene is set! I just hope there's not a shoot out prior to June. Given the current atmosphere, this thing could be dust in a minute. No matter what, I love 'em both and they deserve it. Fingers crossed!


  1. Haha, my parents drink Coors Light too!!

  2. What is wrong with people? I just want to shake 'em, all of 'em!