Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Day-New Drag

No sugar-this has been a shitty week. Real bad. Last week was good, I was hopeful and smiling, but of course, reality runs thicker than cheer. This is how I feel: I drew this on my lunch break today. As you may know, I was accepted to graduate school last week. I'm still waiting to hear back from the four other schools, no decisions have been made, but it was a light at the end of the tunnel. A bright light. Since graduation, I've lacked direction and wallowed in a meager job with no upward movement. For a second I believed I wanted to go law school. Finally, I decided that I can't follow practicality, I have to be an artist. It's what I do. MFA it is! I applied and was weary of acceptance but it has really happened. I'm going, at least I have one option. I'm ecstatic, I feel rooted and sure. My parents, on the other hand, have not been supportive.

Yesterday, I was reamed by my father about how inconsiderate I am of them and how he's tired of me dragging him and my mother along on my escapades. Well, I'm flattered that I'm able to use two adults, nearly 50 years old as pawns in my little games but as I recall there were no firearms involved. I made no threats, merely business proposals/favors and they obliged. I'm sorry you feel that way, dad. Thanks.

On top of that, I was reprimanded at work today for having my head in the clouds. "Have you checked out?" was the exact question. No, I'm just blogging, step away, Thanks. Life lesson 101: "Contrary to what the decent individual may think, THEY only deserve two weeks notice. Do NOT inform them of any plans of exit prior to 2 weeks." Anyway, such is life. What a day. What a week! Tonight is drive time. As far as humanly possible. Work tomorrow, I'll be here 7am sharp, "head in the clouds." After all, it's been my life for the passed 2 years without falter there was just no scapegoat. I'll let you know how far I make it. Sleep tight.

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