Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tearing Out the Sutures

This afternoon I took a brisk stroll over to the pizza parlor for lunch. I caught a glimpse of these pine cones roped together in the stream. I created this notion in my mind about the pine cones meeting one another along their float and bound together to celebrate their freedom. I dedicated to much thought to something as menial as discarded holiday decorations. Menial or not, it made me long for summer. I enjoy the way the snow simplifies the landscape and eases the eyes but I miss my sun. I covet tank tops, long bike rides, outdoor music festivals, riding with the windows down, sunburns, camping, lake water, cold beer and BBQ. It seems so distant. This year, summer holds even more, it peels back the old skin and harbors a NEW, new skin. New state, new city, new dwelling. Endless possibilities. Today I've been filled with excitement, anxiety, and sheer 'giddiness.' The only thing that could make it more complete is the sun and some clear blue skies. I believe the only thing I'll miss about winter are cowboy boots and hot coffee.

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