Tuesday, February 2, 2010


First, let me begin with a bit of a disclaimer. I'm in the midst of some tedious projects so you'll just have to hold out for the finished product. This post may be a bit of a teaser for those of you seeking 'art/craft porn.' Just remember, an artist process can be just as intriguing and thought provoking as a finished piece. For now, you will just have to feast on this: My studio desk to date. These pieces required a heavy dose of learning mixed with trial and error. As with any piece, I'm still weary of their growth and maturity. At this point I'm wishing on the stars. What you see is the back of a few 'nearly finished' pieces. Also, note my library book,"Man Crafts." I can't be to offended since women usually dominate the craft industry. I do have to chuckle a little since most of the crafts I enjoy are found in 'Man Crafts.' I went to the public library in search of a book on leather-working and this was the only one offered and the chapter is minimal. It does have some other practical and inspiring chapters such as ax whittling and fly tying. Good stuff. Stay tuned for a 'full frontal' of the aforementioned pieces!

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