Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines 2010

Last Valentine related post of the year, promise. Looking back at my recent post I'm amazed at the significance of such a commercialized, superficial holiday this year. This is the first Valentine's Day I've been single in five or 6 years. I wasn't dreading it or upset, I take it for what its worth, just another day, I try my best to make the most of 'em all. I wanted to share my special valentines with you, spread a little love! I'm all filled up.

First, a Valentine greeting from my great aunt, Janie and uncle, George. These two are over 80 and more active than me. They live in South Carolina, have a sailboat and travel the globe. They're headed for Sweden later this year! I absolutely adore them. George is a retired architect and artist. He always sketches their cards. This year I was patiently awaiting their annual X-mas card and it never showed. Finally, a Valentine! They were swamped over the holidays so instead of sending X-mas cards, they dropped us a line on Feb. 14. They included a little poetry:
"Valentine's day is not just for the young,
Even the aged have songs to be sung,

So, here's to us all, the young and the old
Valentine's day has made us bold!

Come all, help us with the rhyme
We want YOU for our Valentine!"

It's perfect! So creative and lively, I aspire to be them one day.

Next, a Monday surprise. I found this little gift on my desk when I arrived: A gift from one of the student employees at the office. Thanks Alex! I made the girls CD's but expected nothing in return. Much to my surprise I got these lovely socks and more poetry:
"Bj- I love your ability to do arts and crafts
Your really cool and you give me some laughs
Our hand hugs are so special when they come our way
Screw men! Happy Valentine's Day!

This has a completely different tone but it's spot on. The 'hand hugs' are difficult to explain in writing. Just know, they are safe for work! It describes our relationship and I was amazed by the gesture. I was very impressed with the degree of creativity and thoughtfulness. These guys really deserve three cheers and a hug! It was a wonderful way to wind up VD 2010! Hope yours was splendid as well!

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