Monday, February 8, 2010

Half Day Free

This semester my schedule changed due to late classes so I now get off at noon on Fridays. It's splendid! This Friday I was on the hunt got a new pair of boots, cowboy boots. I made mention of cowboy boots being one of the few things I'll miss about winter a few post back and I decided it's high time I purchase some cowboy boots. I have a ridiculous amount of boots. Too many.See? This obsession may be why I fight with material vices so often. Even through guilt, I found a pair and purchased them. As far as cowboy boots go, they were very reasonable. They're dressier and more western than my other boots. I think I have concluded my collection of boots. I'm done. I should be sending money to Haiti or feeding the homeless but I'm selfish, self absorbed, I apologize. Sometimes I need therapy and this is cheaper and more practical than medicine. That's my justification of my problem. Take it or leave it!

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