Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Back to work. I took a short trip to the boonies and I'm back-clean and back to routine. Last Friday we had a lunch date to celebrate several family birthdays and we messed around in OKC a bit.[Cousin Katy. Aunt Jenni. Mom. Me.]
I also handed these over to Katy. My mom and I framed them in cedar and stained them fairly dark. I'm always weary of dark stain but it turned out great with the light plywood. The contrast is fantastic. Now she'll just have to find a stud and she's good to go. I had a nice, long, relaxing weekend. There's not much to cover but I will provide a short run through later for those interested. I actually contemplated just giving up everything and roughing it in the woods. Numbers even ran through my head,"how much money would I really need to make it out here?" It was tough waking up to reality this morning. Back to the grind. I did gather plenty of inspiration to keep me going for awhile. Until next time...

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