Friday, March 26, 2010

The Misses

Spring and summer are full of sex, sunshine,new life, green grass and love? The wedding invitations are already pouring in. With the invitations comes lots of gift giving. I despise gift registries. While practical for the blossoming family, I prefer to give something more personalized. Kate, one of my good pals from art school, is getting married at the end of May. I had not begun thinking about their wedding gift but low and behold! she gave me the best idea:Kate sent me a message requesting a commission for custom, chair sashes for the MRS. and MR. I got so excited with the possibilities that I turned down the money and elected to give them as a wedding gift. She gave me a couple of vague requirements and left the rest to me. Such trust demands everything I've got. Today I came up with several rough drafts for the bride-to-be.

It's all up to her but I would like your input. Which is your pick? The colors are still in the works but I'm up for ideas as to the design layout.

The sashes will be made of elegant, bridal/special occasion fabric and I plan on combining embroidery and paint for the text and imagery. I'm also seeking advice on how to use these mediums on satin/synthetic fabric. Comments are encouraged and will be closely considered. Many thanks to my faithful viewers! X0X0.


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  2. I personally like 3 the best. Flowers and blowing locks tend to get my attention though. However, I think the font makes it seem a little childish, like something from "My Little Ponies", and a font more like 1 could make it a little more sophisticated. Just my two cents.