Monday, March 22, 2010

In Conclusion

I finished these pieces last weekend. I found a pile of old frames at Habitat for Humanity and they were a steal at $3. There were several that measured 3x4" so I rolled with those limitations. It can be difficult to be restricted by size but it is great practice and framed work just sells better. Bottom line-sometimes you have to submit. Cows jump over the moon while fish jump over the bridge. My first ride. 1970 El Camino. Mom's toy-1967 Nova SS. Dad's ride. 1967 Chevelle SS (yellow is inaccurate but black isn't a color.) Native meets the West.

In conclusion, I painted the glass and overall, they are rather folky. It's growing on me. Pair 'em with a little Arlo Guthrie and they could hang in Alice's Restaurant.


  1. i like all of them but the three cars are my favorite one. Are you selling them are keeping them for yourself?

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