Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This and That

I began a little spring cleaning but, in a flash, I was side tracked. As I collected bits of thread and sundry articles strewn throughout my studio, I felt like a bird. I'm not preparing a nest but it was the first thing that popped into my head. Nature is always on my mind (especially while I'm stuck in an office all day) but my current read has really heightened my cravings. If you like nonfiction about nature/science check out Hannah Holmes' "Suburban Safari:A Year on the Lawn."
So here you have it: A birds nest with Robin's eggs. I used some scrap vinyl and short pieces of embroidery floss/thread. I worked with random stitches and no pattern. I like my needlework like I like my paint-fluid and loose. It's fun experimenting. The fabric matrix is from some sample books I acquired from a friend. And, lastly, I used a marker to add some contrast. This was an all around 'green' piece. The addition of the soda tab has sparked some new ideas so there may be some variations of this piece in the future.

Moving on to the wild. In the previous post I mention my fascination with venom healers. Following my embroidery session, I did some sketching, added some watercolors and BAM! This is a rough draft. It has a strangely, erotic and somewhat phallic undertone which I haven't seen in my work for awhile. In art school, it wasn't uncommon for my paintings to evoke a dark, sexual feel. After school I moved away from the figure. It feels too safe. I dig risk and throwing myself into new/challenging situations so I kicked what was familiar. That's not to say I'm an ace at proportions or technique, it's just that I don't feel very innovative painting bodies. Strictly a personal preference. Now that I've made that disclaimer, I will let you decide. Is she in agony or does she enjoy it? Is she sadistic or is that venom saving her life?

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