Thursday, March 18, 2010

Watercolor and Pen

Last night I picked up a palette of shiny, new watercolors. This was a huge upgrade (a whole $5). I went from a 1960's set of primaries to countless shades and tints. This helped a bit with my artistic wane. This is also a product of my spring fling: I drew these one morning while sitting on the deck, sipping tea. These are my grandfather's grills. Each morning I'd sit on the porch and read or sketch and one day I questioned the need for three, gas grills? Three right in a row, seemed excessive. It made me smile and chuckle a bit, I had to draw them. After I sketched them, I later noticed a smoker below the deck, WOW! I guess it's good to have backups? I brought this home and water-colored it last night. I threw in some ink and Voila! After I finished this piece I started something new and improvised. I was on a roll: This is a greeting card for my great-great aunt, Janie and uncle, George. They sent me a Valentine's day card and I've yet to respond (shameful). Last night it was high time to make up for lost time. I don't think it comes near George's talent but I know he will appreciate it! Not too shabby? I think the St. Patty's day cupcake really created a spark (Cupcakes make my world go 'round)!


  1. What kind of watercolors are those? Also, I love your line work. Very cool. SwapDoodle posted your blog, and I found it.

  2. I'm not sure what kind they are. I bought them from Micheals. They were really cheap, just generic.

    The line work was done with a fine point sharpie. Nothing to fancy. Thanks for visiting and commenting!