Thursday, March 18, 2010

Winter Loot

I promised the scoop on the treasures I found on my short, spring fling. Again, they are far from fabulous and they didn't cost me a penny, just some expended calories and allergies. While spring brings life, winter buries the dead. I found these at separate ponds. Poor dears.

While I didn't necessarily find these on my nature hikes, I managed to complete them during my stay. At night, my pup and I would cozy up to the heater and just relax (in silence). Not a creature was stirring and not a care in the world. This was the first one. I found a little scrap of elastic trim that inspired me to turn it into a bridge. These two came later, the last night of my stay. Much more care and intention went into these. All three of these pieces are a mere, 3x4". They are the beginning of a new project. Many steps left before completion but I'm spilling early, you're lucky!

It was a nice trip. I came back with some mementos of nature and life (or death) as well as some work in progress. Upon return, I immediately felt stressed. Even the work I did made me feel like I need to hurry and finish. I came back with a sketchbook full of ideas but it only seemed to add to my ills. Now I feel overwhelmed and unmotivated. To much, so much, where to begin? Art is tough, you have all these unrelated ideas and as you start a new piece it on usually pushes you in new directions leaving all those documented ideas to rot in the sketchbook. It's disheartening and perhaps a product of my recent negativity. Perhaps I should focus on the possibilities of the 'new directions' and consider the other sketches excess baggage? Easier said than done. I'm experiencing 'writer's block,' I could use a new moon.

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