Thursday, March 11, 2010

Win Some,Lose Some

and I have been working on a creating a birthday present for our friend, Barb. We bought her a journal and decided to put our heads together for a cover decoration. It is our first real collaborative piece. We always consult each other throughout the process of a piece but we've never combined our work. She's always offers up constructive criticism and she's really broadened my color palette. It's amazing how valuable a 'creative community' (if you can call 2 a community) is for a growing artist. For our collaboration I suggested that one of us begin and then hand it off to the other to finish. T sketched her idea and handed it off to me. After inspecting her sketch, I decided my contribution needed to be applied first. I attempted to paint a 1.5 x 1.5" stencil of Joni Mitchell but it looked more like Jesus. He needed a halo so I used a bit of gold leaf. I don't consider this a success but I know Barb will get a kick out of it. It also makes for a great story and the evolution just adds to the humor. Sometimes you just have to roll with the loses ("When life gives you lemons, paint that sit gold). Perhaps my next rendezvous with the paint brush will be a winner. Despite my half-hazard work, T saves the day with her addition. The finished product turned out well. That's why it's important to seek varied perspectives, be it another artist, professor or a stranger from the net. This is precisely why I want to pursue a graduate degree. I want to mingle with other artist, rub elbows, broaden my horizons. It can only benefit my work and hopefully aid me in my pursuit of becoming a better person.

As of now, this weekend is a toss up. I'll either be disconnected from communication until next Tuesday or I'll be searching for the local hot spots. I'm up for ideas and perhaps a budget to run on? Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!

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