Monday, March 29, 2010

Friday Night Art

Friday was beautiful. The weather was stunning (a sure sign that spring still exists). I began my garden and that evening I cleaned the dirt from my fingernails and hit Oklahoma city. Gardner by day, art whore by night. "Function and Design" closing part at Untitled Artspace. I'm very happy I caught this show before it closed. It was incredible. The art was beautiful and it was interesting to see the audience interacting with it on a functional level. A winner! With the city comes cupcakes. ALWAYS! I was blackberry maple. After a relatively short visit it was back to Norman. I plopped down at the coffee bar. It was staring me in the face. I had to draw it. Afterward, I took it home and hit it with some watercolors and a sharpie. A mild and semi-productive Friday night. Its fun to mix it up. Come summer, life's going to be crazy packed. A move, one less job, new place and who knows when I'll have time to really work. I have to pull every ounce of daylight I can. Work, work!

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