Monday, March 22, 2010

Towing the Line

I was quite productive this weekend. Sorry for bragging but I just have to give myself a pat on the back. Since it was snowing and frigid, I decided to spend the weekend couped up. In turn, I finished up some projects, started some new and even managed to complete them! A clean slate, Yipee! To make up for it, I have two big, art-filled weekends ahead of me. There are several upcoming shows and calls for entry. Like life, art blooms in the spring and summer. I didn't let the weather deter me from being productive-Take that Mr. Winter! This is the piece I started early yesterday. I was looking back through my sketchbook and I found some notes on 'monster healers;' Reptiles and fish that have potent and sometimes deadly bites but their venom has phenomenal medicinal benefits. I decided to paint a Gila monster. Their saliva is used in a drug called 'Byetta' Which is used to aid in managing type 2 diabetes. Amazing.

Aside from the the subject matter, the new piece was more about experimenting with a new process of image transferring. This piece is 18x24" and I transferred the type from plain paper (printed by an inkjet printer) onto a piece of muslin. I used a different acrylic medium (Golden's GAC-100. A acrylic polymer glaze)than what I'm accustom and I prefer this effect. I proceeded to watercolor, and acrylic this guy and then embellish with him with some embroidery. Phew! What a day. Just wait, it's not over:This one was a revamp. Animal trophies are my thing. Looking back, I think it all began with my BFF's taxidermy pheasant that perched atop her entertainment center. From there, it has only ballooned. I've made several stencils of fauna and paired them with contrasting fabrics. Currently, they hang in my living room. Yesterday I pulled one down and decided to take it further. I think blood and guts is the end of the road. The trophy now sports a funeral wreath and shall forever be honored in blue.

Now that I've covered the messy stuff, how about today? Here,the sun is all aglow and I should be riding my bike. Soup's on in a few, maybe tomorrow? Hope your Monday has been a winner as well!


  1. Gila monster and a little bit of science/ medicinal information included!! My geeky biology side loves it!! I actually really enjoy the piece. What are you doing with it? I would love to put it in my "sports medicine" room (workout room with science themed decor). Let me know!

    Oh yea... I miss you tons!!


  2. Glad you like it. It is rather scientific. I've become infatuated with animals used to heal. We should get together and further discuss.

    I submitted it for a show but I haven't heard back so I will keep you posted. I'm all about cleaning out my studio! Room for new/more!

    Miss you as well!