Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On The Range

I love animals. Doesn't everyone? I wish I could live out on the range; Listen to the birds, see the stars, read in the grass. I guess I shouldn't mention mosquitoes, snakes, spiders and all those creatures that make some cringe. It's a small price to pay once you're in their house. Plus, it's diversity. They all interact and when one species keels off, there's a domino. It's interesting and scary. I think about all the things I missed seeing and will not get to see again (like dinosaurs or dodo birds) but the prospects of the future are even more exciting!

I ramble, but in short, these drawings exhibit my infatuate with animals. In each drawing I threw in a couple of my favorite things (fur and cupcakes) to make a statement about westernizing nature. The poor furries. I'm sure every X-mas they ask Santa that those pesky humans be granted some humility. I'm working on it. Dreaming of symbiosis on the prairie, outside of these office walls, basking in the sunshine...

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