Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Managing Time

Since my trip to San Fran I've been very motivated to broaden my horizons in the kitchen. I've decided to kick as much processed food as possible and eat fresh. More veggies, raw, and good meat (as a side dish). I think about living on the plains or in the mountains, sustaining purely from the land. What would I eat? I figure as long as I restrict myself to those portions and think about foodstuff on a basic level I will feel better. More energy, radiant skin, yada yada.Last night I broke many of these rules and made some chili. Throughout my quest I've found it's tough to avoid processed food unless you have ridiculous amounts of free time. The recipe called for smoked sausage. I checked out the stuff a the grocery store and it had lots of weird ingredients that sausage just shouldn't contain, such as: sugar and corn syrup (I'm convinced it's a conspiracy created by the monster that is the food industry. I'll spare you). I stopped by the meat market, fingers crossed, hoping they may have some smoked sausage among their raw selection. Much to my surprise and happiness, they did. It comes out of Tulsa, no funky additives and it was exceptional. The meat market is my friend. When I went in yesterday they knew me by name. "Frequent flyer miles" for the Win!

While the chili was simmering, I decided to start a sewing project. In the past I've used task (such as cooking) that require down time as an excuse not to do anything. I used to think, 'oh, I'll have to get up in thirty minutes and check on the meal so it's not worth starting a project.' These days I'm attempting to better manage my time. It's amazing what you can accomplish in thirty minutes. No more excuses, or procrastination. I've replaced both with production. Stay tuned!

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