Thursday, March 25, 2010


My Wednesdays are brutal. I work 7am-7pm. The week's midway mark is always dreadful. The bright side, I only work 7-noon on Fridays. Always makes me smile. Yesterday afternoon I was told the I would now be working until 8pm in stead of 7. UGH!

It's all over now, it didn't even leave a scar. I shouldn't really complain. a.) I'm lucky to have a job b.) Those extra hours allow me to stick my nose in a book after the rest of the staff heads home (Sh!). I didn't make it home until half past 8 but I still managed to bust out a quick water color. I had several things on my mind. Sometimes it helps to just throw all of them into one sketch. I think this is a pretty silly outcome.

The scoop (if you're interested):
he v. she
us v. them
old v. new
geometric v. organic
light v. dark
nature v. development

That's a lot of "versues." I guess I'm craving a battle/challenge. It can only be a result of mounting decisions and the need to defend them. To lighten the air, I paint dinosaurs and pink track-hoes. I've decided a water color a day keeps the demons away. It shall be my new ritual, indicative of this red letter year!

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  1. Hahaha... Mr. T got a kick out of this piece.