Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creative Sessions

Between my roommate and I, there are a lot of creative sessions. We consult one another about works in progress or just chat about upcoming pieces nearly everyday. Sadly, it has been awhile since we pulled out all the stops and filled the kitchen table with art supplies. It's been a busy year. Yesterday, I got off work and was blessed with a gorgeous afternoon. The weather really lit my fire. I threw on a tank top, some shorts and mowed my lawn, washed my car, and walked Zola. Phew! Wait, the fun doesn't stop there! During my outdoor excursions, T was working on her latest creation. I cooked some dinner, had a glass of wine and decide it was high time to pull out my sketchbook as well. There's nothing like working with another artist. The energy is high and motivating . Teaming up is a good measure once in awhile-equivalent to class critiques in art school. It can be stressful sitting alone in the studio day-in and day-out, fretting over details and deadlines. It's important to take a breather, talk to a real person instead of constantly staring at an unfinished piece. Aside from needing social interaction, it's also great for developing plans. I drummed up yet another rough draft for my 'venom healer' series. I also ran with some strange and humorous fetish known as 'pedal.' Google? Lastly, as I watch T. tediously fill an 18x24" sheet of paper with a colored pencil, I tried to convince her to consider the power of watercolor by doing a demo. She seemed enthused, so finger's crossed I've helped her broaden her artistic breadth. Either way, it's always fun to sit down artist-y-artist and laugh. I look forward to many more a-creative sessions. Wine and art, can't beat it! Come join?

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