Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Half Century

Today is my dad's 50th birthday. I can't believe it! 5-0. Lately we haven't seen eye to eye but he still deserves a shout out. I love you, dad. Don't know where I'd be without you. You've always run a tight ship and I admire the solid ground you stand on, old man. Fifty cheers for my Pa!
Our football fan.

Our bargain shoppers (runs in the family).

THE parents. My "go-to guys." Obligatory family shot. 50 years and lots to show.

My brother and I pitched in and renewed his favorite magazine subscription-Hemmings Motor News. I sacrificed my lunch break to run over to the bakery to buy him some sweet treats. I also managed to customize the box. I ran home, pulled out the water colors and managed to bust this out in about five minutes. Inside? Mini-coconut creme pie and a creme horn! If I would have had time to stop and think, I would have thrown some candles inside. Damn. I hope the pastries make up for being last minute.

One last time, Happy Birthday! You sure are something! Can't wait to celebrate proper this summer!

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