Thursday, March 18, 2010

Growing Up

Responsibilities, working 40 hour weeks, hefty decisions, all trade-offs for being 'free' adults. Occasionally I long for that unencumbered imagination and carefree youth but then reality kicks in. Do I really want to go through High School again? NO WAY! Today, while I've been shut indoors, The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History has been having fun and enjoying the sunshine.

During my lunch escape, I was enthralled by the tipi in front of the museum. Even in its western flare, I got a kick out of it.On my way back to my cave I wandered over and caught a brief demonstration on making arrowheads. I wanted to stay longer, but I started to feel quite inquisitive and my free time had run out. Duty calls. While I was slaving away they were having a tipi pitching demonstration, I would have traded the arrowhead demo to witness the tipi pitch. Damn. Can't win 'em all. Maybe this weekend will make up for this loss? As my mother always said "Life's not fair." Here's to hopin' at least the sun will be available this weekend!

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