Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Birthdays. Something that seems to lose magic over time. It's a shame. The older I get, the better I look, the better I feel and my head grows, I'm sure. I suppose there will come a time when I can't stop the clock and I'll begin to dwell on all that comes with age? Does it have to be limiting? Can one turn those aches and pains into something positive? Can gray hair look good? I don't know. Right now it feels so far ahead that I'm not concerned. Right now, I want to scream it from the rooftops "I'm 24!" I can dance ALL night! I wear as few clothes as legally possible and I love life! I wasn't always this way. Just recently I realized, 'life is worth living.' I try to make the most of it. Stray from the big picture as much as possible, notice the unnoticed and pay attention to everyone, make them feel like they're my favorite.

I've decided that relationships are the most important "things" in my life.Don't get me wrong, I love being alone. Most of the time when I have 'tag alongs' I end up having to cut out early, or change my intended plan. It's good measure, to be flexible, learn to compromise. Afterall, I can't control EVERY situation. Nor do I want to. Again and again, balance. I ramble, I deviate. Point is, I try to fit in as much as possible every day. I get lots of invites to soirees of all magnitudes. Some from people I know and some from mere 'acquaintances.' Both are very important in the scheme of life.

I have a handful of people in this world that I would drop anything/everything if they needed a hand or an ear. A notch below that, the handful turns into a bus load and so on. I value both and can't discount my acquaintances but I still have priorities. I've learned that even if you can't make every event there are always things you can do to ensure that your friends/ your acquaintances/ your friends-friends, keep you on the 'invite' list (even when you have to bail). First and foremost, be upfront. Tell them you want to go but you can't. NO 'maybes.' Next, do what you can to reassure them of their status. I recently got invited to a birthday party via facebook. The description was brilliant and the group is fun but I just couldn't make it:
"Yes Kolbe is having a birthday. It is a come and go thing, meeting at HILO then where ever. No need for presents, but if you must. you can dress as a bear. Actually now if you want to make me smile you must dress as a bear or bring one with you. LOL Anyways, its the middle of the week what a better way to get over hump day!!! " I was inspired by this request so I drew him a picture: I spared some time, added a notch in my portfolio and let him know that I'm thinking about him. All is right with the world. It's a long and somewhat contradictory post but don't think to much about it. It's fairly simple: just remember YOUR people and love them.

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