Monday, July 12, 2010


First a shout to my pals, Chandra and Vince! They put me up a couple of days in Tulsa and we had a grand ol' time! I hadn't really intended on taking off but my boss suggested I do it last week due to some scheduling issues for the next two weeks. We're spread thin here until early August. It was last week or none. I obliged and it couldn't have come closer to perfection.

If you're a reader then you know I've been dancin' my ass off at the smelly, hole-in-the-wall bar near campus. I can't help it. My excuse is, 'I'm trying to soak up as much Norman as I can before I hit the highway.' I'm sure you've also heard me mention Mike Hosty. He IS the best show in Norman. If you haven't seen him, do it! Well, moving poses a problem, I will demote my status as 'Hosty regular' to 'casual guest.' It's a bit sad BUT, low and behold, the stars aligned and I was able to catch him up in Tulsa last Friday. I had heard that he actively plays in T-town but how lucky? I figured it was make or break situation on the move, I had high expectations. Chandra, Vince and I hit up McNellie's and did a shake (or two). I was ecstatic to see other crazy people singing along. He rocked the house and while it wasn't The Deli, it held its own. Hosty in Tulsa- all is right with the world.

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