Friday, July 23, 2010

Norman Nostalgia

Blue skies equates into bike rides and tanlines. I've been to the edge of Norman and back. This week, I bring you to the Southwest corner. Here, we have totem poles. This pole has been there a few years but they slapped it with a new coat of paint this month. It really stands out. I liked it better before. I see it everyday in passing and the weathered wood made it difficult to translate. It was enticing. Now, all the details are out in the open. Not much left to desire. I still really dig it. I've been thinking a lot about totem poles. I presume they will inch their way into my intense graduate studies.On the flip side of bold and direct, I bring you mundane. I rode past the chain link at the opportune time. The sun was hitting it just right and casting the most delicate lacy pattern. I wished I had some stencil plastic with me at that moment. It's things like this that make my day. I realized that I can't take it with me, it lives in the moment. A photo can't even do it justice. So why are you reading? Go outside, seize the moment! (Graduation speech-done!). Have a wAnderfull weekend!

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